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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inspecting Your New Home?

One of the most often questions I receive is, "Should I get a home inspection on my newly built home?". The short answer is a resounding "yes". A home inspection conducted on a brand new house is one of the tougher home inspections I perform. There are several reasons people choose not to have their new home inspected and the one most often heard is that the house is new and the builder has taken care of everything properly. In many cases this is true, but more often than not I run into issues. Many times the builder either installed systems improperly, had poor workmanship, or just flat out missed an issue. One of the key factors to a beautiful and properly finished new home is, in my opinion, the work and proper oversight of the superintendent in charge on the job site. I recently performed home inspections on two homes built by the same builder, during the same time period, at two different locations. The differences were stark. One home, located in Ft Collins, was almost perfect. The other home, located in Broomfield, was an absolute disaster. The home in Broomfield had many problems found during the home inspection that were not only serious, but dangerous. Some of the most common issues we see on new home home inspections are disconnected duct work, improper crawlspace ventilation, GFCI outlets not operating properly, dirty furnaces, missing insulation in attics, broken trusses, leaking drains and faucets, and, as always, multiple cosmetic issues. A home inspection is always a good idea and hiring a certified home inspector to inspect your new home is cheap compared to the price you may pay to correct unknown issues as well as giving you valuable insight as to how different systems operate in your home. I typically like to do the home inspection near the time of your walk through. Colorado Pro Inspect does not charge extra for a new build home inspection. I go through the home with a fine tooth comb and guarantee that you will be satisfied with our thorough and complete home inspection. Please visit for pricing and more information.

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