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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Independent" Home Inspectors?

I have heard some home inspectors claim they are "independent", meaning that they do not market or attempt to solicit their services to real estate agents, brokers, or lenders. I also think that some of these so called "independent" home inspectors think they are the elite of home inspectors. I believe this to be totally false. I am not saying that there aren't home inspectors out there that may provide services differently depending on the person who contacted them, but I know for sure that I, and the person who trained me, do not. It is offensive that certain organizations might make claims that myself or many other home inspectors are not "independent" home inspectors because we market to realtor's directly. I market to every single person I come into contact with. I have built my business on good, solid, consistent work, not the cheapest prices, (although I believe I have excellent pricing), or shady business practices. I market realtor's, lenders, brokers, and consumers. I do not care how they get to me, as long as they get here. When consumers do use Colorado Pro Inspect they receive the absolute best inspection or related services I can provide, insuring they are purchasing a safe and well built home. I would never consider doing a home inspection differently to please a specific agent or hide a problem because I was paid to do so. The return business I receive, whether it is from agents or home buyers, is because I do a good job for them. This is a personality driven business at times, and unfortunately not everyone always likes each other. If someone does not like me, or the way I inspect, they don't have to use me. I am as independent as they come. I own my own business and therefore have a vested interest in doing a excellent job. So for anyone looking for a "independent" inspector, call me. The most important thing a person can do when choosing a home inspector for your home inspection is to ask questions, lots of questions. Call several inspectors, most people can tell what a person might be like over the phone. This is probably the biggest investment most of us will ever make and you want to be sure you choose someone who will do a great job and stand behind their work. As far as I can tell the vast majority of home inspectors will do just that, regardless of how they were referred.

posted by Evan Hughes at 10:08 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Home inspector from San Diego here. We have been independent from day one and will never compromise. I've lost favor with several agents that were looking for the "deal to go through", and asking me to "produce a soft report". No way. Take the high moral ground and service your clients. The work will come via referrals.

July 18, 2011 at 12:10 AM  
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